Resort Map

1. The Lantern Lodge

The Lantern Lodge, or gate lodge as it was once known, was built c. 1830. Originally it was an entrance to the demesne of Adare Manor and would have been inhabited by estate workers. It is an important local landmark and while it no longer serves as an entrance, it is the first introduction to Adare Manor when travelling from Limerick.

2. Franciscan Friary

On the grounds of the old Adare Manor Golf Course, the Franciscan Friary is a ruin situated by the river Maigue. The friary was founded in 1464 by Thomas, Earl of Kildare. It was later attacked and burned by parliamentary forces in 1646. However, the remains of the friary are largely intact and remains an important element of Adare’s medieval history.

3. Desmond Castle

The ruins of Desmond Castle lie on the edge of Adare village. A Norman castle dating back to the 13th Century, it was a strategic fortress, and the home of the Earls of Kildare for almost 300 years, until 1563. In that year, the castle was forfeited to the Earls of Desmond who gave the castle its current name.

4. St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas' Church was originally built by John Fitzthomas Fitzgerald, the first Earl of Kildare. In 1807, the limestone abbey was redeveloped as a protestant church. Caroline, Countess of Dunraven, converted the old refectory into St. Nicholas' School. The church is now used by the public, holding regular religious services, aswell as being a co-educational, Church of Ireland primary school.

5. Main Gate

The first building that guests meet on arrival is the ornate, limestone gatehouse, designed by ReardonSmyth. The Main Gate of Adare Manor is our first opportunity to welcome our guests. You are guaranteed a warm reception from the moment you arrive.

6. The Folly

This ruin is the remains of “The Folly.” The true story behind this building is a mystery. The details of its construction and use have disappeared with the passing years. Most likely it was an ornamental building designed to grace the gardens: a quiet little spot to enjoy a picnic or take shelter from a passing shower.

7. The Rent House

The huge estates surrounding great houses such as Adare Manor would have been divided into farms and leased out by the landlords to tenant farmers. Rent houses like this would have been a convenient place for a landlord or his agent to collect and process rent payments.

8. The Village Gate

Previously used by the Dunraven family as the main entrance to Adare Manor, the Village Gate is now a pedestrian gate for our guests' use to access the village of Adare.

9. Trinitarian Abbey

Also known as the Holy Trinity Abbey, it is the only example of a church of the Trinitarian order in Ireland. The abbey was rebuilt in 1272 by the 1st Earl of Kildare, John Thomas Fitzgerald, but was later dissolved in 1539. The 2nd Earl of Dunraven, Windham Quin, gifted the ruined abbey to the Catholic parish in 1824, and was restored by English architect, Philip Charles Hardwick, who was later hired in the building of Adare Manor in 1850. The church is currently the Roman Catholic parish church of Adare.

10. Adare Village

Just outside the Manor Gates is the picturesque and historic village of Adare. It is often referred to as "Ireland's prettiest village" by visitors due to its charming thatched-roof cottages, beautiful stone buildings, and well-preserved medieval architecture. Adare is situated on the banks of the River Maigue.

11. Thatched Cottages

The tale of Adare’s thatched cottages began in the 1830’s when the wife of the 2nd Earl of Dunraven, Caroline Countess of Dunraven, gave the order for them to be built. While some cottages are privately owned and used as residences, many of them have been converted into shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and craft stores.

12. Harry Lowe’s Cottage

This is one of the original cottages on the grounds of the Adare Manor estate.

13. Driving Range

The Driving Range at Adare Manor offers a world class practice facility, immaculate playing surface and expert PGA professional instruction to ensure a beyond everything experience. You will have a chance to hit every club in the bag and hone your skills in a real shot-making experience.

14. Chipping Green

Arrive early and put in some time warming up before your round at Ireland’s finest practice facility. Our large chipping area offers an entertaining and enlightening short game practice experience.

15. Helipad

Take in all the splendour of Adare Manor from the air: a helicopter arrival is a wonderful way to begin your visit with us. We are pleased to welcome helicopters to our private landing area. Just 7.5 nm from Shannon International Airport inside the Shannon CTA, the journey is scenic, convenient, and quick, allowing you to condense your travel and make the most of your time here.

16. The Manor Lodges

Those with a taste for independence will appreciate our beautifully designed and furnished two and four bedroom Manor Lodges which are a cosy alternative to the stately castle.The golf course is a stone’s throw away, with the pro shop and locker rooms conveniently situated in The Carriage House courtyard and both the driving range and putting green on either side.

17. The Carriage House

The Carriage House has been designed as a dining destination of effortless luxury. During the day, The Carriage House is the perfect place to take a break from a busy schedule of estate activities and enjoy a spot of light lunch. In the evening, it becomes a glittering meeting place where guests can linger over a remarkable meal, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere and then sip a nightcap on the terrace, as dusk falls over the estate.

18. Putting Green

Beautiful views of the course and manor gardens from the Pure Distinction bent grass putting green make working on your putting stroke a real pleasure.

19. Adare Manor

Over three decades and two generations of Dunravens, Adare Manor was built by talented local craftsmen, in collaboration with architectural genuises such as James and George Pain, P.C. Hardwick and the legendary Augustus Pugin. Adare Manor is a rare example of a 'Calendar house' with 365 leaded windows, 52 ornate chimneys, 7 stone pillars and 4 towers to mark the annual tally of days, weeks and seasons in a year.

20. Fishing

The picturesque River Maigue is a centrepiece of Adare Manor’s gorgeous setting, home to healthy populations of trout and even salmon in season. Our gillie would be happy to take you on board in our beautiful lake boat to see if luck is with you and the fish are biting!

21. The Cedar Of Lebanon

The Cedar of Lebanon is native to the mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. This magnificent speciman is recorded by the National Tree register as the largest Cedar of Lebanon in Ireland. It has more than 16 metres in height and over 10 metres in girth.

22. The Formal Gardens

Designed by Architect Philip Charles Hardwick and the 3rd Earl of Dunraven in the late 1850s, the Formal Gardens are the centrepiece of the Estate landscape. Precision and beauty are carefully balanced in the design and the gardens are situated with sweeping views of the Manor House.

23. The Halfway Hut

The Halfway Hut sits beautifully between the 9th Green and the 10th tee box. Whether you are looking to fuel up before you head out, or take a well deserved break half way through your round of golf, the Half way Hut awaits you with a variety of food and beverage options.

24. Golf at Adare Manor – 1st Tee

Masterfully designed, magnificently maintained, and perfectly set within the glorious estate of one of Europe’s most spectacular manor house hotels. Celebrated golf architect Tom Fazio has taken what was already an award-winning course and transformed it into a golfers paradise and a future host venue of the Ryder Cup in 2027.

25. The Ogham Stones

These Stones dating from between the 5th and 7th centuries, were brought to Adare Manor from Kerry by the 3rd Earl of Dunraven. They have been carved with messages in Ogham: a medieval alphabet used to write in the early Irish language. These inscriptions also include some Latin, carved in Roman characters.

26. The Walled Gardens

The Walled Gardens were originally the kitchen gardens, supplying Adare Manor with much of its daily produce. The high walls enclosing the garden block winds and trap heat, creating a micro-climate where plants can grow and flourish.

27. The Ice House

This Ice House was built in 1828. It stored the large quantities of ice required to preserve food in a grand house like Adare Manor in the days before refrigeration. Ice was imported from as far away as Norway and North America to meet the demand.

28. The Padel Club

Nestled deep within the estate’s peaceful woodlands, this beautiful space provides a holistic experience of wellness and recreation, including padel courts, sports simulation room, gym, swimming pool and yoga studio. Close-by are further activities; falconry, archery and axe-throwing.


Red Abbey Route: 2.1km – 26 minute walk – 6 minute cycle

Orange Woodland Route: 1.6km – 20 minute walk

Purple Resort Route: 4.8km – 59 minute walk – 30 minute run – 14 minute cycle